Though ideally I’d have endless money to hire help, that’s not how it works, and I need to get this done by any means necessary. I’d love to get some interns and volunteers who will donate some labor to make this happen. You can also always donate money.

DONATE LABOR in the following areas:

    • Podcasts & Videos: You’d be given a list of media to research. Listen to relevant podcasts and watch relevant videos to find clips that illustrate certain histories or theories we’re trying to cover.
    • Find Potential Collaborators:
      • You’d be led on best ways to find groups an individuals we may want to obtain input from or work with in showing and distributing the film.
      • You’d be given ideas on the types of people, professors, or leaders we’re looking for to screen the film or help promote it. You would search university departments, nonprofits, and community leaders, etc, who may be interested in bringing the film to their community for an online or socially-distanced screening.
    • Interviews: Help with sound, lighting, and other aspects of film production. (most interviews are completed now.)
    • Editing: Edit clips of sound and/or video.
    • Help plan for the virtual tours. Contact university departments, nonprofits, and community leaders who may be interested in bringing the film to their community for a virtual or socially-distanced screening. When a screening is established, look for local groups to get involved with the event.
    • Promote the film and promote the tours via social media, press, etc. Update wordpress website as needed.
    • Find creative ways to raise money for a project that will be wildly anti-establishment and unpopular with rich people! Hold virtual fundraisers, contact rich class-traitors and sympathizers, bake brownies!

Please contact Matt if you’re interested and you have time and labor to donate to this project. You will be given prominent credit in the film for the work you do.

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