The Tour & Organizing

Use this film to ground your local organizing in a big picture perspective.

We are living in incredible moments of uprisings and explosions of activism; a time where the fabric of society is breaking down from our healthcare to jobs we always thought would be there. Youth everywhere are leading protests in the streets to demand change. There are wide varieties of experiences and perspectives, and we ultimately need a unified vision for revolutionary change to move forward. Revolutionary analysis of the current class system and ideas for how to transform it into an egalitarian, classless society are crucial now.

Many activists and organizers I’ve met are eager to bring a revolutionary lens to their local campaigns. They want to make sure that people working locally understand the big picture, and also see their local reforms efforts as part of a larger battle against the capitalist and class system altogether. END OF DAZE is the perfect tool to begin these discussions, to motivate your local campaign within the context of societal-wide change.

This will be a manifesto for fighting through climate disaster, through the end of capitalism, and towards a classless society.

The film will include many voices and visions, not just one sect’s vision for revolutionary change, and not just a traditional “Left” perspective. The film will raise questions without answering everything. It will be a kind of “living manifesto” since the manifesto bit will come in the form of live and ongoing conversations after the film, at screening events and zoom discussions across the country. We also hope the project will provide ways to continue living and organizing, despite feeling deep grief about the extinctions humans are causing across the planet, given humans themselves may not have much time left.

The center of this project is about uniting people behind the idea that we need to end the class system to halt the worst effects of climate change and for humanity to survive (and hopefully thrive). It can be a tool for self-identified “revolutionaries,” but we also hope it will create new revolutionary leaders.

The key to making this a living manifesto is to create viewing parties across the country.

The film itself will include multiple voices and perspectives, but will not dogmatically answer all questions. As important as the creation of the film itself is the virtual organizing tour afterwards, which will include various voices on the ground– where the film can kick off conversations about a shared vision for a sustainable and egalitarian future, as well as ways we can concretely work together here and now. You can also host your own online or socially-distanced screening, for your community, a library, a union, a religious temple, for free with help from the filmmakers.

Among the filmmaking team are experienced and skilled facilitators of various backgrounds that could help moderate discussions if you like.

If you have suggestions for where or how to show this film, or if you’d like to host a screening, please contact us.

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